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Reactions As Little Boy Was Caught Smoking Weed In An Uncompleted Building(Video)

The issue that we face that has eaten deep into the country is the issue of drug abuse, this is very common amongst the younger ones. In their quests to enjoy life to the fullest, they go ahead to try different kinds of drugs, weeds and many more just to get high. They believe that smoking and abusing drugs give them joy, they believe it takes them to cloud 9 and makes them forget their sorrows.

This drug abuse have sent alot of people to their early graves, it has destroyed alot of people's future, destroyed alot of homes and have gotten people fired from their jobs. The worst part is that they have absolutely nothing to gain from this, just headache and more sorrow.

It is just sad that people think taking drugs and smoking will help them out of their misery, not knowing that they are actually harming themselves in the process. They have gone from smoking normal cigarettes, to taking other kinds of weed and cannabis.

These days even little kids are not safe anymore, they have started practicing that which they learnt from the older ones. They have also started abusing drugs, smoking weed and doing things they should not be doing. This in turn ruins their life, they grow up either addicted or obsessed with the drugs.

A video that has gone viral showed the moment a little boy, that is probably 11years old was caught in an uncompleted building. The boy who spoke Yoruba was asked what he came to the uncompleted building to do, and he confessed that he came there to smoke weed.

Click here to watch the video;

He was putting on only shirt, and he pointed to the wraps of weed on the bench in the uncompleted building. He said that he is a welder, and he is working around that area but he just came to the uncompleted building to smoke. When asked if his boss knew he was smoking, he said they are not aware.

He also begged the Man that was recording him, and showed him how he gained Access to the uncompleted building. According to the little boy, he doesn't steal he only smokes weed.This is quite sad, the fact that the little boy is already a labourer at such a young age is one issue, coupled by the fact that he smokes. Only God knows where his learn to so such a thing, and how long he has been doing that act.

Hopefully someone good finds him and offers to help him out, before this gets out of hand and becomes an addiction.

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