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Living in Fear? 14 Ways to Live Life Free of Fear and Full of Hope

Can you see yourself sitting down watching the sunset, the waves lapping the white sand beach as the evening’s last rays of sunshine warm you? A book lies forgotten in your lap and all you are thinking about is how wonderful it is to be you, right here, right now.

Compare this to you watching the sunset and feeling guilty that you should be making dinner, finishing a work assignment, doing laundry, calling your mother or anything other than just enjoying yourself.

Somewhere along the line, feeling guilty, fearful, and unhappy has become the norm. It is almost expected. What happened to us to take away our feeling of excitement for what tomorrow holds and replaced it with worry?

1. Let Go of Pre-Existing Ideas That Don’t Make Sense

2. Know Your Own Power

3. Look Carefully at the Things You Are Afraid Of

4. Trust Yourself

5. Quit Looking for Stuff to Fix

6. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

7. Remind Yourself That You Are Worthy

8. No Matter What Is Bugging You, You Can Always Do Something About It

9. Hang out with Positive People

10. Don’t Let Anyone Insult, Manipulate, or Use You

11. Don’t Set Personal Goals Based on External Influences

12. Work with Children

13. Listen to Music or Take a Look at Some High Quality Art

14 Always be mindful of the kind of information you get that is to say, always make do of positive informations and disregard disturbing news.

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