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True life story: Meet the 14 year old teenager who sells drawings to survive

14 year old Samuel Andres loves to draw and his good at it too, so good that the Venezuelan teen decided to trying selling his drawings on Twitter a buck a piece. He post the picture of four of his works on Twitter and before long he was able to gain thousands of customers willing to buy his art . And his family desperately need that money to survive.

His country Venezuela is a deep years long economic crisis. Many people in the south American nation struggle to buy food, medicine, and other basic necessities. Samuel has even experience malnutrition. The talented teen also requires special diet to help regulate his symptoms. Samuel's success has made it possible for his mother to buy food, pay rent, and do other things.

The teenager also attracted the attention of an Art Academy in Venezuela, who is giving him a scholarship to continue to pursue his passion. Samuel says he might even raise his prices for his drawings. Samuels dreams of drawing for video games when he gets older, but for now he is drawing for his family and he is already a success. 

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