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The Man Who Invented The Electric Flying Wingsuit That Can Be Used To Fly High On The Sky (Photos)

Some people are very smart that they were able to invent what has never been in existence in the world. All the artificial things we enjoy today were all invented by some people. There are Nigerians who have also invented things, and many other Africans, no doubt about that. Peter Salzmann is the first man to invent an electric flying wingsuit which someone can use to fly to a far distance.

You can fly farther than a bird when you use the suit to fly. There's no doubt that we see these things in movies, we see superheroes fly with the suit in movies, but they are all fictional and unreal. But Salzmann's wingsuit is very real and works perfectly. It is very different from a parachute. A parachute only descends you down from a great height safely, but this electric suit can ascend, descend and move anyhow you want it to go, like a plane.

Peter Salzmann is an inventor from Austria who loved flying from when he was a kid. According to him, he said he'll always jump from his father's building to practice flying. He always loved flying and always thought of how to invent something that can make him fly to a very far distance with ease. He is also a professional skydiver and other flying-related sports.

He started planning his invention many years ago, and fortunately, he was successful. After creating the suit, he decided to test it with his team. They thought of the best place to test the wingsuit, they ended up agreeing to test it in Posan, South Korea. They tested it to fly above one of the tallest skyscrapers in the city. They tested the suit, and it worked well, according to Salzmann, he said that day was the best day of his life. They also tested the suit in a mountain area in South Korea.

Salzmann always says that flying is his life, this means he loved flying a lot which led him to invent the flying suit. He got the Guinness world record for being the first man to invent a flying wingsuit. What do you think about this invention? Please like, share, and follow me up.

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