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Opinion: These tests are important before marriage

Marriage is important but more important is the choice of who you'd get married to. That choice alone can have profound impacts on you later in life. Sometimes, we argue that love is all we need but truthfully love isn't always enough. The realities of life sets in and we realize that we should have checked for other things before diving in.

This article looks at the medical side of things. It is important to have some medical information about whoever you are getting married to. Health is an important facet of life. You need to see a medical practitioner for professional counseling. Here are some tests you need to carry out before marriage.

Check for STD's.

It is important to know if your partner has a sexually transmitted disease. This will inform your decision whether to go ahead with the marriage or not. It wouldn't be nice to get married to an HIV patient only to find out along the lines that that is not what you bargained for. Diseases like HPV are untreatable and hard to detect. You should test for that one too.

Fertility tests.

If you are planning to have children, this one is for you. This is to prevent getting married to a woman who cannot be pregnant or a man with low or zero sperm count. This will help you decide treatment options where available or consider other options available to you.

Blood group and genotype compatibility.

This is done to ensure that the blood is compatible with each other. For example, there is something called the Rhesus factor. If a Rhesus negative woman marries a rhesus positive man, there will have problems except they seek medical attention. This is because after the first child, the antibodies of the woman will attack the second child in the womb causing miscarriage or still birth. Also, knowing your genotype can help you avoid birthing a child with Sickle cell anaemia. That disease can take a serious strain on your emotions and finances. You deserve to know if you can afford that.

Genetic disorders

These are often untreatable diseases that pass from parents to the child. You should know if your partner has it or is capable of transmitting it. This will help you prepare for future problems.

All these tests are absolutely necessary to know whether to proceed or not because it is the little things that create the biggest rift in marriage.

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