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Things you need to stop doing when you wake up

Sleep is important to everyone, it helps us relax and replenish old things. However, when we wake up, there are some things that affect our day. We need to stop these activities because it interferes with our work.

1. The complaint is over. The resurrection is a miracle. You have to be grateful. When you wake up, it is very bad to adapt to someone or something. Let your spirit weaken. Stop browsing websites when you wake up. Don't press the suspend key, it will hurt.


2. Death stops at a pace and tries again. Organize things in order. Focusing on work reduces the time it takes to work. You don't have a computer and not everyone can do a lot of things.

3. Stop jumping out of bed. No war. Your body hurts. I love pulling, slowly getting out of bed, and stretching again. Give your brain time to fully recover.

4. Leave your bed unattended. Get out of bed when you get up. You've already done something. Math is welcome when you get back from work.

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