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Meet The Tallest Man And The Tallest Woman In Nigeria(Pictures)

When it comes to tall people, they are known to be scatterbrained all over the world, it is hard to not notice them due to how big they are. Some people say that tall people are the descendants of the Angels, that came down to earth in the past.

In Nigeria we actually have 2 individuals that have been called the tallest, both Male and Female and the title suits them perfectly. Let's take a look at the Tallest Man in Nigeria, and also the Tallest Woman in Nigeria.

Afeez Agoro is known as the Tallest Man in Nigeria, he is popularly called Goliath by people. Afeez is 7ft 4 inches tall, he was born on 13 December 1975, he had a strange illness that caused him to grow so tall. See his pictures below;

Yvonne Rofem is another beautiful tall individual, the tallest lady in Nigeria, who is 6ft3inches and weighs 100kg. Afeez is a bit taller than her, both they both qualify to be the tallest. See her pictures below;

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Afeez Afeez Agoro Goliath Nigeria Yvonne Rofem


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