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4 Observations You Should Take Note In Your Life After Spending 5 Years In A Rented House As A Tenant

Living in a rented apartment is one unavoidable decision in life except in a situation where you are born with a silver spoon and have everything at your beck and call. Those who belong to this category are relatively limited in number. In other word, it a general phenomen everyone must experience in the journey of life.

However, while some tenants can afford to stay many years in a house without evaluating how they have fared since they moved into the house, others are not comfortable being tenants for three years in the same building let alone five years or more.

With or without a driving force, if you have been a tenant in a particular house for about three to five years, you should be able to evaluate your life in these five areas to know if things are working according to your plans. But if you did not see any significant improvements, then something is wrong somewhere.

1. If you live in a rented apartment for about five years and there is no changes in your source of income, you need to take a pause and replan your life. Some houses are alien to progress. It could either be the environment or the foundation of the house that is making it difficult for tenants in that house to have a headway.

If your income is one hundred thousand naira before you moved in, and after about five years, you are still earning that same amount or it has even reduced, you need to check your life in relation to your existence in the house.

2. Another thing you should also watch out for is your geometric progression. This is in line with Thomas Malthus theory of population in Economics. There are some people who moved into a house as singles but on getting there, they got married and multiplied with children within a space of five years.

Similarly, some couples moved into a rented house as a full fledge family but along the line, issued happened between husband and wife and they split. Before you know it, it is only the husband that is left in the house while the wife has gone with the children. For some others, it is a case of childlessness after years of marriage. Tenant should take note of this situation.

3. The third thing is the payment of rent yearly. How difficult or easy it is for you to renew your rent at the end of every tenancy year? Some people practically took a loan to rent the house their living in their first year. But on moving into the house, things begin to take a positive turn for them.

As a matter of fact, they became buoyant enough to pay two years rent ahead without pulling a strand of hair from their skins. But for others, it is the other way round. You need to take note of the category you belong between the two scenarios as a tenant residing in a house for five years.

4. After spending five years in a rented apartment, you should have a place you are developing as a site. Even if you have not completed it or ready to move there, you should be proud of having something somewhere for future purpose.

If you don't have something like this, you should take time to study your life to know if things are going the way it should.

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