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10 Things You Should Never Do

1. Never share your personal life with everyone.

2. Never underestimate yourself. You can definitely do if you want to do.

3. Never compare your life or your people with others. The fingers on the same hand are not, we cannot expect anyone be same.

4. Never dig the past because you are not going to enjoy your life today. At the end we only wanted to be happy.

5. Never get addicted to anything so seriously. It can be a thing or a person or a habit.Nothing in this life is permanent.

6. Never buy something because you might use it in future.

7. Never take life so seriously. Just enjoy and make your effort to achieve what you want to.

8. Never skip dinners. It can cause acidity.

9. Be it anything, never overreact.

10. Never forget your parents. We are the only one's they live all their life for.Evenif you stay far from them on some reason do not forget to talk to them.

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