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Six Things You Can Say Instead Of 'How Was Your Night?'

In our society today, many people see exchanging pleasantries with someone you know as a vital part of courtesy and goodwill. 

Greetings and exchange of pleasantries is an opportunity to demonstrate respect for others and to create a favorable impression of ourselves to others, which is why we must be careful with our choice of words when greeting someone or exchanging pleasantries.

Today, the most popular way of trying to find out how someone's night went is the use of 'How was your night?'. But it has become common knowledge that asking a person, ‘how was your night?‘ Is unacceptable.

Research has the night if you ask someone ‘how was your night?‘, it suggests that you want to know what the subject was up to, sexually, the previous night. One might be forced to ask what is the best replacement for 'How was your night?'.

In this article, we look at six alternative pleasantries that can replace the question.

1. Did you have a good night?

2. Did you sleep well?

Looking at the first option, you will see that the 'good' has replaced any other adjective as compared to when you ask the question straight forward.

3. I guess you slept well? and

4. I believe you slept well?

Some might say that the two options above sound too formal, it is a better alternative to 'How was your night?'

5. Hope you had a nice night?

6. I hope your night was good?

Apart from the six options listed above, it is even more interesting when you exchange such pleasantries in dialect. Many people would prefer exchanging pleasantries in the dialect they understand, so they can easily relate with you and give you the required answer.

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