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Kusma Vati, The 80-Year-Old Woman Who Has Been Eating Sand And Gravel For 65 Years (Photos)

There are so many strange things that are going on in different parts of the world. This World is filled with different types of delicacies and meals that enriches the body, but some people enjoy eating sand and gravel. We will be discussing the 80 years old woman who has been eating sand and gravel for 65 years.

There is a famous old woman called Kusma Vati, she hails from Varanasi which is located in India. Kusma Vati admitted that she has been eating sand and gravel for the past 65 years.

According to a reliable source, Kusma Vati started eating sand and gravel to ease her stomach upset when she was 15 years old and it has became part of her diet.

Kusma Vati have a special way of preparing her strange diet, according to reports, she always gather the sand and gravel in a clay pot and allow it to dry completely before consuming it.

So many people around her are worried about the side effects of her strange diet, but Kusma Vati strongly believe that chewing the gravel and sand has made her teeth very strong.

The 80 year old woman said she haven't suffered any problem in her stomach and her mouth and teeth are absolutely fine and the mineral in the sand and gravel have kept her healthy.

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