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3 Ways To Handle Household Emergencies

Emergencies do happen in our homes on few occasions. 

Being alert is very paramount when we are in that situation. 

It shouldn't call for panicking. Just be alert and do the necessary precautions. 

The following are household emergencies we should be aware of: 

1. Power outage: Being left in the dark can be more than annoying. It's easy to trip and fall over something you can't see, and refrigerated foods can start to go bad if the outage lasts more than 8 hours. A few ways to stay safe:

a. Don't light candles. Use torches or flashlights.

b. Keep refrigerator doors closed.

c. Turn off or disconnect any electrical equipment you were using when the power went out, and unplug anything you don't need to use.

2. Broken glass: No matter how careful you are in the kitchen, something is bound to slip and break at some point. When it does, here are a few tips to clean it up without hurting yourself:

a. Don't handle glass with your bare hands. Scoop up big pieces with cardboard or stiff paper. Or you could carefully sweep and gather the glass particles.

b. Use large tape, to pick up tiny glass particles.

c. Mop or wipe the area thoroughly with wet wipes or double thick towels.

3. Gas leakage: Natural gas lines don't leak very often, but if you smell gas odour, take it seriously. A gas leak inside your home can make you sick or possibly even lead to an explosion. Here's what to do if you notice that gas smell: 

a. Go outside right away and call 911.

b. Don't try to find the leak.

c. Don't turn any electrical appliances on or off.

d. Don't smoke or have any open flames nearby.

Always be ready. You may not be able to prevent an emergency, but you can be ready for one. Keep phone numbers for emergency and primary care doctors handy. Have an emergency kit with these items:

a. First aid supplies.

b. Extra batteries.

c. A wrench or pair of pliers to turn off gas or water.

Content created and supplied by: MatronJcares (via Opera News )


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