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22 Newest Styles That Will Make you Sew Agbada

These are some of the latest agbada now and they are very beautiful.

Agbada styles is very fine because of the way it makes people to look when the wear them but it is expensive, agbada requires a lot of materials and also time .

Agada styles also requires expertise because if it is not sew well you will not like to wear it .

Senator styles is very nice to wear but it requires Large materials especially when your sewing agbada .

Some senator styles requires large materials while some requires small materials depends on the style you want to sew .

Some of the unique senator materials colours includes oxblood, Onion colour, green, purple , royal blue , wine red and so many others .

You can also buy checkers and stripes materials because they also look good when you sew them well .

Check out beautiful pictures of some Agbada styles you can sew .

Content created and supplied by: KasAdiele (via Opera News )

Agada Agbada Sew Agbada


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