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3 Habits That Can Make People To Disrespect You

Personal power is gained through a combination of ones traits and habits. Our orientation and perspectives also determine our strata in life. People relate with you or treat and rate you according to the thoughts and ideas that come from within you and the way you consistently present and cherish yourself. People also disrespect you according to the thoughts and ideas that come from within you and the actions you display that align with your thoughts and actions.

    Some people use their temperament as an escuse for the ignoble actions they embark on that attracts disrespect from people. It is imperative to guard your dignity and esteem with pride, else people will use and make a fool of you.

    The big question is "how can an individual live a noble life inorder to avert disrespect from people?" A simple way out to this is by identifying some of those habits that could attract disrespect to your personality. Indeed, some habits could attract disrespect. But the irony is that you've been ignorant of those habits that attract disrespect from people towards you. This content is an exposition to 3 reasons why people disrespect you.

    First or foremost, the habit of loquaciousness. The habit of talking too much is an easy way to lose your respect. People will respect you when they cannot predict your next move. But when you talk too much, you become vulnerable and can easily be subdued on all sides. Do not speak out of turn. Saying very little when in the company of others is all that is required of you to regain that respect. Always learn to be yourself in the company of others and try as much as possible to only speak when it is necessary or when you are asked to speak. Do not forget, there is power in silence.

    Secondly, the habit of going where you are not invited is a very sure way to attract disrespect from people. This includes the habit of unnecessary visitation, going to birthday parties and occasions without any formal invitation. It is wrong to visit people without seeking their consent first. You wouldn't know if the person is in the mood to entertain any guest or even has the chance at all to attend to you. Some people could be rash enough to embarrass and make you feel less of yourself. 

    Finally, the habit of trying to impress people or presume upon friendship in asking for favour from people is another sure way to lose your respect. Some people only remember to show their loyalty as friends when they want to seek favour from others. In most cases, people they demand the favour from with such sly attitude could see them as a sycophant and decide to make a fool of them. Always be true to yourself and intentional in your actions. No one is pleased to show favour to a sycophant when it's obvious that the praises and regards aren't sincere.

    Try to avoid any of the above three habits that attract disrespect from people and see yourself regain those respect you've lost long ago.

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