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Learn to Encourage Yourself

Always learn how to encourage yourself no matter the suitations around you.

Looking at things that happened around you, may be in your country, your place of work and business is enough to make the person depressed and frustrated.

What did you do when you are depressed?, when you are low?, what did you do when something is not working well in your life?when you loose your job? When you we're been abdorn by your friends and your families?. " DAVID found himself in a distress and difficult suitations, he found strength in the Lord his God. Therefore encourage yourself no matter whatever that's happening around you.


1) Never look down on yourself.

2) Always tell yourself you can make it, God loves you and he knows the plan he has for you.

3) Start thinking like a Winner, when your body tells you that you cannot make it don't listen to your body.

4) Don't allow anything or anyone to make you feel inferior, you are the best.

5) Whatever people says about you don't loose confidence of yourself.

6) Stop leaving pity Life.

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