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He is not a mad man, he is a student of Oko polytechnic. See why he looks this way

Life is too short not to have fun. At a first glance you would be sure to assume that the pictures below are of that of a mad man displaying on the street as usual.

But it is not, this is a student of Oko polytechnic who took his rag day costume to another level. It was supposed to be rag day, but his costume perfection made him look like a mad man.

Rag day is a day set aside for youths of anybody Intetested to dress in tattered clothes. Something it is followed by a parade of these person wearing tattered clothe. It's usually a fun event followed by lots of social activity.

These student took their 2021 rag day performance to another level, mainly because they went as far as using make up so they would look dirty, thereby looking the part if a real mad person.

Mass of crowd gathered at the spot where this guy decided to perform as they watched him give a good scare to road users who had no idea what was going on.

Do you support rag day? What do you think about the costume? Leave a reply in the comment section below and follow this page by clicking the top right corner of your screen for more updates.

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