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Lessons To Learn From 35-Year-Old Man Whose Desire To Make Quick Money Landed Him In The Grave

What can you say about making quick money without working hard? Do you think most people are deeply in love with material possessions and can go any length just to get it?

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A 35-year-old man known as Ayo was in need of making quick money and going extra miles to achieve his desire. This then made him take the wrong path in life.

According to the publication made by daily post, Ayo went to meet a herbalist named, Faseun Afolabi for the purpose of money rituals.

Money rituals according to the African belief are sacrifices a person makes to have possession of riches for a certain period of time. Most times, the person is instructed to sacrifice something or someone precious.

Unfortunately, the Herbalist Ayo met for the rituals wasn't qualified to do the job.

Since Faseun the herbalist, knew he wasn't able to grant Ayo his riches, he then went to seek advice from his herbalist friend known as Fadare Afolabi who convinced him to sacrifice Ayo for their own money rituals.

This was how Ayo was drugged and strangulated while they devoured his body parts and sold.

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The desire to make quick money led Ayo to an early grave. Ayo still had a life ahead of him, and he could have become successful if only he was consistent in whatsoever he was doing and also praying for God's intervention.

Alot of young people in their 20s are seeing themselves as failures because they don't have money, or they don't have up to a million naira in their account.

The honest truth is that life comprises stages, don't try to play smart and skip the stages of life.

Forget the social media bully/oppression, some of them can't find inner peace and happiness.

The desire for quick riches can be very dangerous, don't rush into something you are not ready to bear the consequences.

Continuous hard work and consistency will take you to places you have never been.

Always remember not to love money because it is the root of all evils.

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Sadly, Ayo's desire to make quick money took him to his early grave. I pray he finds eternal rest and other people longing for quick money can learn a lesson from his incident.

I believe there is no shortcut to success. Just keep doing what you do and try to be the best. Consistency and hard work are inevitable in success.

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