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How Laundry detergent is made.

We are all familiar with soap in powdered form which we locally regards to as surf.

The making process is similar to that of bar soap but there are additional materials to enable the formation of powder. The following materials are needed for the production:

1. PKO ( palm kernel oil)

2. Caustic soda.

3. Soda ash

4. Hydrogen peroxide.

5. Fragrance

6. Color (optional)

7. Ammonia

8.Sulphunic acid.

The PKO is a oil. Other oils such as coconut Shea butter could be use, but PKO is readily available and cheap. Caustic soda is used for the hydrolysis of the oil. Hydrogen peroxide is used as catalyst, because ordinary without hydrogen peroxide there will be formation of solid soap but the presence of hydrogen peroxide which aid the formation of powder. Sulphunic acid is a foaming agent .

To Make use of caustic soda and soda ash you have to dissolve them in water. when using a cup to measure them in their powdered form, dilute them in separate container with three times of the cup of water. Keep the mixture covered for 24 hours. After 24 hours then you can make use of them.

Take 1litre of PKO in a mixing vessel add 500ml of soda ash solution stir thoroughly in one direction. You should have a milky solution. Add 100ml of hydrogen peroxide stir, followed by 1litre of Sulphunic acid, the mixture will start rising up the container, keep mixing then add 1 litre caustic soda gently, the mixture then rises more. Add your fragrance and 50ml of ammonia. Then leave the mixture to settle and sun dry or get a drying machine to aid the process.

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