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3 Fun Things To Do Every Weekend As A Family

Weekends are special to every family in Nigeria because asides resting most family use it to perform certain duties and tasks. Below are 3 fun things to do every weekend as a family:

1.) Clean the house: You can never over emphasize this one right here, cleaning the house is very paramount if you asked me. Every family should take out time to clean the house on weekends so they can have a very lively and healthy environment to live in. You could further make it fun by delegating cleaning tasks to every member of the family and rewarding those who finish their cleaning tasks first.

2.) Go Visiting: This used to be one of my favorites when growing up. You could decide to do some visitations to family friends that you haven't visited or seen in a very lengthy period of time, nothing beats some good family catch up time.

3.) Make special meals: So every weekend you can decide to make some very special meals that you haven't made in a while or all through the weekday. On Saturdays you could go with the normal Akara or Moin - Moin and on Sunday cook the special Sunday rice and fried fish.

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