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15 Things You Can Not Control in Life

Stop stressing about the things you can't manage in life! We humans worry a lot about things we can't manage. That's why we've compiled a list of items that are out of your control and over which you have no direct control. I am a firm believer in writing your own destiny, taking control of your life, and making the most of the limited resources available to you. So why devote an entire article to a list of items that are so diametrically opposed to what we do for a living? I did this because once you know you can't control these things, you can stop thinking about them and punishing yourself for them. This is the hand you've been dealt; now is the time to be honest with yourself and concentrate on the things you can control.

We hope that as you read through this list, you will understand that, while many aspects of your life are beyond your control, you can still carve your own path and make the most of each circumstance.

As a result, here are 15 things you can't control in life:

Number 1: Where you were born

The standard of living, as well as access to education, health, and opportunities, varies greatly depending on where you live. Since you can't choose where you were born, it's important to make the best of the hand you've been given. If you feel that this position is insufficient, you can work hard and relocate to a more advantageous location. While you have no control over where you were born, you do have control over where you live.

Number 2: When you were born

This is another significant factor because the time frame in which you were born has its own set of variables. You may have been born during a period of war or prosperity. You could be born in the 1950s and have to battle polio, or you could be born in 2015 and have to fight the same disease that is resurfacing because vaccines are blamed for autism. Personally, we adore the current epoch in which we find ourselves. We were born with many benefits, and this is, by far, the greatest time to be alive. Every few months, medical breakthroughs occur, life expectancy is at an all-time high, and the internet is only beginning to mature, opening up a plethora of possibilities, resulting in an international, fairly-free marketplace. You've been extremely fortunate to be alive during this time period; I have it pretty easy!

Number 3: Who your parents are

The first few years of your life are crucial because they establish the core values that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. You don't get to pick your parents, so this is a tough one. What you need to know is that, despite their differing approaches, almost all parents love and want their children to be happy. This is valid from a biological standpoint. Consider this: what are the chances that you will purposefully do anything to make your child unhappy and a failure? You'd have to be a psychopath to do that. The sad part is that most parents unwittingly sabotage their children's development by refusing to encourage them to grow. They don't do it because they despise you, but because they have no other choice.

Number 4: Talent

Some people are simply born with a proclivity for those activities. That's fantastic! That is their competitive advantage in life. If you were born with a specific talent, it is up to you to figure out how to maximize the effect that talent can have. While you have no power over whether you were born with a good voice or not, you can control how much time you devote to honing it.

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard enough!

Number 5: Luck

When it comes to the stuff you can't manage, luck in its purest form ensures you'll be dealt a better hand. If you're born in a developing world during the early days of the internet, with parents who aren't consciously trying to put you down, for example, you're in luck. Essentially, luck occurs when all of the items on this list work in your favor despite the fact that you have little control over them. This is not to be confused with "making your own luck," which entails taking the steps required to position yourself to maximize strategic opportunities. That isn't by chance; it is simply a product of being wise in life. True luck is uncontrollable, but the other kind is something you can influence.

You've heard it said that the harder I work, the luckier I am!

One of the many distinctions between those who excel and those who struggle in life is this. We strongly advise you to view our video on 15 Things Rich People Do That Poor People Don't:

Number 6: Change

Whether you like it or not, transition is a fact of life. As the world moves forward, new theories supplant old ones. The last thing you want to do is stick to old ideas just because they worked better for you when you were younger or because you're afraid of change. Human rights issues are the most egregious example of this century. The majority of developing countries have found out how to accept it, while countries stuck in the past still regard gay people as sinners. It's up to you whether you want to live in the future or are just too afraid to break down the barriers of old ideas. The same can be said about self-driving electric vehicles, women's rights, and discrimination based on skin color. The world is moving toward a more efficient future in which we care less about how you were born and more about how much value you can really add.

Number 7: Several diseases

There are still illnesses that we can't fully avoid or cure, but as a species, we're working on them. It's just a matter of throwing enough money and time at the problem before we get rid of them at this stage. Traditional disorders are less common nowadays, and diseases like Alzheimer's, Schizophrenia, Cancer, and Diabetes are at the top of the list. We're enthralled by Bill Gates' efforts in this direction, where he's investing the majority of his wealth and time. He believes that, in addition to his current efforts, we will be able to cure four more diseases in the next 15 years. More people like Bill are needed.

Number 8: the majority of people's perspective on life

Another tough one, since public opinion is distorted by so many variables that it's difficult to manage. Not everybody, particularly you, sees life in the same way you do. You won't be able to agree with a significant majority of the population because people have different interests, agendas, and live in different environments. What you can influence is your perception of the universe, what you believe your life should be like, and even influencing how others see it as well.

Number 9: If someone genuinely loves you or not

When you're young, many of you will most likely have to learn this the hard way. True love is impossible to regulate, which is a good thing because if it were, it would cease to exist. Find someone who really cares for you and will go to any length to protect you. You must be much more cautious, particularly in this day and age, because love has been simplified, and it is not the right form of love. Instead of being genuine, the love we see around us is more "picture-perfect-love." Make sure you're not being manipulated because love has become a stepping stone, and for others, a means of financial security.

Number 10: Time

We've noticed over the last few years that as you get older, time seems to speed up, which is a little strange. Since we have no leverage over time, this simply levels the playing field for everyone. We all have the same 24 hours in a day and approximately the same amount of time to make the most difference. However, since we all receive it in equal amounts, most people overlook its significance until it is too late. People waste time because they have so much of it and don't know what to do about it, which is how you end up binge-watching a show you don't want. You can only accumulate guilt by wasting time, and it all comes full circle when you're nearing the end of your life. It's sad to see people settle for mediocrity as they reflect on how much time they lost and how many things they wish they had done. 15 Lessons People Learn Too Late in Life is one of our most popular videos on our YouTube channel. This video alone will provide you with a new perspective on time and clarity.

Number 11: Your data

At this point, all we're doing is feeding the internet beast we've developed. If you want to participate in this new marketplace of knowledge, ideas, and content, you must pay a price, which comes in the form of your data, regardless of how many cookies you reject or how many ad blockers you use. These firms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google, have made it their job to figure out who you are and how you behave. Humanity is evolving into something more than human, according to this information. The world is rushing to create its first powerful artificial intelligence, and this is a trend we won't be able to reverse. When this happens, you might want to be prepared.

Number 12: The economy

The economy has so many variables that you, as a single person, cannot manage them, and you should be aware of this. We've seen a lot of people lose their homes in the 2008 crash and the economy is only going to get better. You should be constantly concerned about the fact that the economy as a whole is beyond your control. The only way to get out of it is to be strategic about how you put yourself, how many revenue streams you have, and how diverse your sources of income are. You don't want to be entirely dependent on anything you can't control or foresee.

Number 13: The government

At this point, the government appears to be operating on its own. There are very few countries in the world where the people are happy with the way their country is run. On this channel, the last thing we want to do is get political. What I want you to remember from this is that you do not rely on the government to fix your problems or to look after you. Your life is in your own house because the whole climate has always been unreliable. Expect the government to not provide you with a job, raise your minimum wage, or look after you as you get older. Taking control of these by yourself is a lot less stressful.

Number 14: Your past

It's already out of your control if it happens. How many of you wish you could go back in time for a few minutes and correct a mistake you've made? You can't, and you should, because you're stuck in the past. Accept it as it is and plan ahead for the future, because the few days you have ahead of you will become your history at some stage. People become so engrossed in their pasts that they fail to see how they are squandering their present and future.

Number 15: Death

Your death is the only thing you can't manage in life. To some extent, we're all afraid of death.

People are so afraid of death that they overlook the importance of living!

The most important thing you can do is accept it!

How much of your life would you cram into a single lifetime?

The aim of this article was to demonstrate that there are things over which you have no control, and that you should never waste time thinking about things over which you have no control. Instead, concentrate on the things you have power over. We made a video about it last Sunday, and it's amazing how much control you have over your life.

I'm just curious to know which of these 15 concerns you the most. Let me know what you think. I always read the comments and react to the ones that we find the most interesting.

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