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4 Difficult Experiences You May Go Through In Your 30s.

Significant life changes are bound to occur in everyone. Whether it is career changes, financial changes, health or personal values, be sure to expect some changes. While some of these changes are general, others may be personal, which differ from person to person. So in this article, I'll share with you nine difficult things you most likely will go through in your 30s. Let's go.

1. Your number of friends will drop.

Your 20s are a time where you can accept a lot of things in a bid to discover what works for you and what doesn't, so you're a little all over the place with your friends and loved ones, exploring as many options as you can. However, as you enter your 30s, your priorities shift to mind-expanding activities. You are a lot more focused on your goals that you barely have time to party. You only care about living a healthy life, and most importantly, you have concentrated on re-identifying yourself and doing only the things that are helpful for your growth.

2. You will be faced with having to make a lot of big decisions.

You know all those decisions that you kept moving around in your 20s? Well, you can't push them any further, or better put, you can't toss them aside forever, so it looks like you'll have to learn to make those decisions one after the other. For instance, you might find yourself making decisions about your family, finances, career, business, etc all at once and this time around you can't put them off as you did in the past.

3. Your body will begin to change.

Whether you like it or not, your body will change. To begin with, your face will start to look older. You could probably do with a face cleanser in the past, but now you need a multi-step process and heavy duty eye cream to look half your age. Your metabolism will drop. Unlike in the past, when you could eat as much food as you wanted to eat, now you have to consciously cut excess sugary and fast foods from your meal plan and diet because your body can no longer absorb them at the rate it once did.

4. You'll party less.

In your early 20s, partying, clubbing, and the like were so much fun for you and were activities you probably looked forward to with so much excitement. However, in your 30s, you'll find yourself wanting to be indoors more often than not. You want to spend more time alone with yourself because it helps you discover a lot of things about yourself.

Thanks for reading.

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