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See why it is called the book of magic, not be seen and read by men

The sixth and seventh books of Moses was written during 18th to 19th century by Moses and passed down as hidden books of the Hebrew Bible. It is self described as the wonderful arts of old Hebrew, taken from the mosaic books of the kabbalah and the Talmud.It is a book of instructions in the use of magic or text of magical incantations and seals that will guide the reader in altering spells used to create some miracles portrayed in the Bible as well as to grant good fortune and good health.

Some copies of the book is written in Hebrew and with letters from the Latin alphabet, containing reputed Talmudic magic names, words, ideograms and seals.

The seals are magical drawings accompanied by instructions which would help the user perform various tasks like controlling weather, people, contacting the dead etc.


The printed text of the sixth and the seventh books of Moses from 1849 contain lost short biblical text with several contemporary essay and writing of those who kept this knowledge and practiced it through history from biblical times .

The sixth book contains seven chapters known as the mystery of the 1th seal through the mystery of the 7th seal, with included pictures of the seals( consist of various symbols surrounded pseudo- Hebrew and pseudo-latin phrases and letters) , each seal is paired with an incantation and a very brief description of it's power.

The seventh book of Moses contains events of biblical narrative of Moses life, it shows a reputed pairing of an incantation and drawn magical objects called the Tables.

There are 12 tables which each of the Tables is said to control powers associated with certain angles, elements, or astronomical symbols.

From the first to the last table contains each of the following spirits;

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