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These Three Books Which Will Take You Into A World Of Its Own

As we are all in such a situation today that has taken us closer towards more of book reading in this bulk time we have got .

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Right know sitting at home , Being self quarantined , Probably book reading is the most best option we have got .

I like to read books which takes us into a world of it's own with lots of interesting characters and stories with character development , As reading books improves your imagination power , Which is great indeed as everything great Starts with an imagination.

Who knows someday you might become a writer .

So let's talk about some of the greatest books which have a world of it's own , And which has to power to take you into their world through your imagination.

1- Harry Potter Series

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The reason behind Taking this book as no1 is because this book changed my perspective about book reading , It has changed my whole experience of book reading ,While reading each chapter in this book you imagine every scene as you read .

There are over 7 book in these Harry Potter series written by JK Rowling and as the data provided by Wikipedia , Over 500 million copies have been sold worldwide till February 2018 , Making it the largest selling book ever .

This book focuses on the story of a boy who lived named Harry Potter , Harry used to stay in a cupboard under the stairs with Dursley's his aunt and uncle and their son , On his 11th birthday Harry discovers he's a wizard , When He is invited to Hogwarts school of witchcrafts and wizards , While in the train to Hogwarts meets his 2 friends for life Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger with whom Harry develops a great friendship .

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On the journey Harry realises he is famous , And everyone know's him but they act strangely with him ,Harry had a strange scar on his forehead since he was a baby , But what is connection of the Scar on Harry's head , Why does the scar started paining ever since he came to Hogwarts , Is it related to something scary .

Find out the mysteries of harry Potter as you read the book , As I don't want to ruin your experience of reading this beautiful story .

If you haven't read this book yet please read it , If you don't You will be missing out something special .

2 - The Chronicles Of Narnia

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I started reading this book after watching it's film adaptation , But still this book had the same impact as if I was reading a fresh story , With me slowly getting hooked to the world of Narnia .

Believe me Narnia is one of the best works C's Lewis had ever written with almost more than 100 Millions copied being sold in 47 languages , Which makes this book the best seller .

The series have over 7 books , And every part of the book is damn interesting.

This story is set in during world war bombing in London , Four siblings are sent to the safe house in country side to live with a old professor.

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One day while playing hide and seek younger sister Lucy Pevensie hides in the cupboard in room upstairs , As she steps back in the cupboard hiding behind the clothes she falls back into a snowy wood land at the lampost , Where She meets Mr Tumnus .

Mr Edmund looks like a freak with long nose and ears , Soon Mr tumnus and Lucy become good friends and realises she's into a secret world named Narnia , Where the animals can talk and have many mystical creatures , During her third visit to Narnia Lucy takes her siblings to meet Mr tumnus , But things go wrong as Lucy's brother Edmund gets kidnapped by the witch of Narnia as the white witch had a deal with Edmund to bring all his siblings to her but he goes there alone .

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Now Lucy , Peter and Susan have to save Edmund from the witch but they cannot do it on their own as they have to take help from the King and God of Narnia , Aslan the lion .

But will Aslan help them will they be able to save Edmund and kill the white witch .

There are over seven books in this Series with different stories , Read and enjoy .

An interesting fact is that this book was dedicated by writer C's Lewis to Lucy barfield who was adopted daughter of his friend Owen barfield as he wrote this book for children because Lewis always loved fairy tales So he wrote this book for Lucy .

But some of the characters in real life grow up so fast then in the books , By the time this book was published , Lucy was grew up to enjoy this fairy tale .

So he wrote a letter to Lucy mentioning that he had written this book for her to enjoy but it was too late , But may be she will enjoy this fairy tale when she gets old .

3- Life Of Pi

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Life of pi by Yann Martel is another life changing book for me , But for some people it is not that much special , But i think this book had something special in it .

Life of pi was rejected by five publishers in London before Knopf Canada published it in 2001 .

Over more than 10 million copies of this book have been sold worldwide .

This story is all about your belief in God ,

You can choose your story , But the story with God is always better story .

So this book starts of with introducing the main character Piscine Mollitol Patel , On how he was named Pi and how he is introduced to Lord Krishna by the stories told by his mom Jyoti Patel ,about different religions and God's of different religions , Pi gets connected to these stories of gods , And decides to become a vegetarian.

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Pi is soon intoduced to a Bengal tiger named Richard parker in his zoo run by his father , Pi tries to become friend with Richard parker but his dad makes him realise that Richard parker is not his friend , He is just a animal who wants to eat meat , Actually Pi's father Santosh Patel is an Atheist , So he doesn't like Pi's belief in all gods at a time .

Soon life becomes boring for Pi , But one day Pi meets Anandi and falls in love with her .

In 1976 , When emergency is declared Pi's father decides to sell the zoo and move to Canada with all the animals .

Pi says good bye to anandi before leaving , promising her that he will come for her one day .

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Pi leaves for Canada with his family on a ship , After having dinner his family are in deep sleep in their rooms , But as soon as the Ship goes fighting with the waves of the Mariana trench , The ship is stuck in the storm and is soon going to sink soon , Pi wakes up and goes out to check but as soon as he realises it's too late , He is pushed by a person in the life boat , But the ship sinks and everyone else in the ship dies , But soon Pi realises he is not alone on the life boat , There's Richard parker the Bengal tiger .

Now this story is about how Pi is going to survive with a Bengal tiger in this long adventure , Will he be friends with Richard parker or train him or kill Richard Parker .

The books story is connected with your belief in God.

At the end you will be given a choice between two stories , Which one will you choose , The story with God in it or the story without God .

It's always a better story with the god.

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