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When death's victory comes

It is another great privilege to get this here, when death's victory comes. What do you think it means? Read the content below to know about it.

When death's victory comes

The separation of mortal from immorality is death. Death is an inevitable entity for all living creatures. The affluent, parvenu, poor, royalty are not left out. Fear of death is a characteristic of all organisms.

The death of another creature is what survives carnivores. It is appointed for creatures to die once. And what happens thereafter is a great mistery. Even heralds can't fathom when death comes.

Darkness and evil end on the day of one's death. The most glorious and joyous day for the soul, a day of weeping, sorrow and mourning by people. This is one of life paradox that can't answer why?

The dead knows not what becomes of their assets, wealth and heirloom. Another mistery is that from birth to death are struggles. Amongst the struggles no creature wants to die. Have you seen someone happy to die and leave the enjoyment of the earth? Yah! Jehovah determines when we live or die.

Why does the normal human neonate cry immediately after parturition? Why do people cry when someone dies? When death's victory comes, sins and death would be no more and we would live forever in eternity.

No more again would there be crying and challenges. Not again would there be sorrows, anxiety and mourning. Disappointment, heartbreaks, fears and failures, would not exist. Crime, hunger, poverty, destitute and detestation shall not reign no more.

Darkness and nights would be turned to everlasting light. The tree of knowledge of good and bad shall be extinct. The reality of mortal immorality in eternity is attained. Then God, the most high would be worshipped perpetually.

Why do you cry when death comes? Why is it difficult to leave the earth? Why do most babies cry when they are borned? What do you think is next the phase after death? These are food for thought about death and let share together our experiences on that.

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