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The 16 Strongest Kryptonians Ever

Superman is no longer the last son of Krypton, but is he its strongest? CBR examines the absolute toughest women and men of steel!

Krypton was a distant planet orbiting a rare red sun. Its inhabitants had built a society of logic, science, and technological advancements. Kryptonians were physically no different than humans in appearance, and similar in their arrogance that their society would last forever. Suspecting the impending doom that would befall their planet, the El family sent their only son, Kal, rocketing towards the relative safety of Earth. After discovering Kal-El’s spaceship, a family of humble farmers adopted the boy, naming him Clark. It took years before the effects of our yellow sun’s radiation began transforming Clark Kent into Superman, imbuing him with godlike abilities of flight, strength, endurance, vision, and speed.

Superman is best known as the man of steel, the strongest and most inspirational hero on Earth -- he’s also known as the last son of Krypton. Although he believed he was his world’s only survivor, Superman learned that other Kryptonians escaped their planet’s destruction. Each possessed the same range of powers as Superman; unfortunately, some lacked Clark Kent’s morality, and they’ve made several attempts to use their abilities to subjugate Earth. Most Kryptonians are on a level playing field when it comes to powers and strength, but experience, influence, and skills go a long way towards distinguishing each Kryptonian. This list includes architects of Krypton before its destruction, Kryptonians who followed Clark along his journey to Earth, inhabitants of a shrunken bottled Kryptonian city called Kandor, and fugitives from the Phantom Zone, a dimensional prison for Krypton’s worst criminals.



Krypto first appeared in 1955’s Adventure Comics #210 as Superboy’s trusted companion. Also known as Superdog, Krypto was the El family pet when Kal was a toddler. Before sending his son to Earth, Kal’s father, Jor-El, tested a similar rocket with Krypto as its passenger.

It was chance that caused Krypto’s rocket to land on Earth after it was knocked off course. With exposure to our sun, Krypto gained the same abilities of strength, invulnerability, and flight as Superman, albeit on a proportional level. Because he’s a dog, some of Krypto’s senses are sharper than Superman’s – but Krypto’s most important trait is his loyalty, since he’s the first to leap into danger to defend his master.



Seyg-El is also known as Jor-El I in the Silver Age of comics, or Seg-El in the television series Krypton. He is the patriarch of the El family, and grandfather to Kal-El. In most interpretations he’s a genius and a scientist who advances Krypton’s technology and imparts his knowledge to his son, Jor-El. The character’s name is a derivation of Siegel, the family name of Jerry Siegel, one of Superman’s creators.

In comics, Seyg-El is one of the leaders of the Kryptonian Council, a powerful body that guides Krypton’s fate. He’s one of the most influential and intelligent people on the planet. In the television series Krypton, Seg-El is rewarded with a spot on the Science Council after his heroic actions against a group of rebels.



Chris Kent is a young hero that crash-landed in Metropolis from Krypton. Clark Kent and Lois Lane, with the help of Bruce Wayne, created the identity of Chris Kent; Lois and Clark fostered the child while he learned Earth’s customs. Chris became a hero called Nightwing, named after a Kryptonian god.

Because of his time in the Phantom Zone, Chris experienced accelerated aging and gained additional abilities. His mind bonded with another Kryptonian, Thara Ak-Var. Though not quite as strong as Superman, Chris is able to move objects with his mind, and he’s resistant to kryptonite. After merging with the Kryptonian Nightwing entity, Chris was also able to teleport and create shadow constructs.



Named after Clark Kent’s adoptive father and Lois’ dad, Johnathan Samuel Kent is the latest lad to take the mantle of Superboy. He is the biological son of Clark and Lois. Johnathan Samuel Kent is growing into his abilities, and it’s still unclear what the full extent of his powers will be once he ages.

Although he’s much weaker than his famous father, the latest Superboy is full of spirit and energy. His time spent with Bruce Wayne’s son, Damian (the latest Robin), has taught him the value of not always relying on his powers. Only time will tell, but because of his mixed heritage, Superboy has the potential to become even more powerful than Superman.



In the latest Kryptonian version of this character, Thara Ak-Var takes the mantle of Flamebird after she bonds with the mythical Flamebird entity. Thara is an excellent combatant, and she was made chief of security for Kandor.

Thara was first approached by a religious cult believing her to be the reincarnation of the Flamebird Kryptonian god. After a ceremony, she gained visions of the Flamebird avatar, and eventually its abilities. In addition to her psychic link to Chris Kent, she’s able to generate flames, and she has an immunity to gold kryptonite. Like other Kryptonians, Thara shares the same powers as Superman, but not on his level.



Cir-El, also known as Cheryl Kent, was created in 2003 to be the new Supergirl. Unlike the bright colors of Superman’s costume, she wore a black and blue suit with a simplified S symbol on her chest. There was an aura of mystery surrounding Cir-El when she first appeared, claiming to be Superman’s daughter from the future.

later it was revealed that Cir-El was a human victim of Brainiac, who genetically altered her with Kryptonian DNA. Despite not being Clark’s true daughter, Cir-El followed Superman’s heroic example, sacrificing herself to save the day. In addition to the typical Kryptonian attributes, Cir-El can focus her solar energy into an explosive blast, delivering it through her hands.



In a similar vein to Cir-El, Conner Kent, also known as Kon-El, was the product of genetic manipulation. He was created by Project Cadmus using Clark Kent’s DNA, when it appeared that Superman had died fighting Doomsday. Kon-El was artificially aged and given the personality of a teenager.

Conner became part of the Kent family when he enrolled at Smallville High and lived with Martha Kent, Superman’s adoptive mom. Eventually Conner discovered that Lex Luthor’s DNA was also used in his creation. That never stopped him from following Superman’s example. Kon-El’s powers are now like Superman’s, but when he made his initial appearance, he projected a tactile telekinetic field that allowed him to mimic Superman’s abilities.



Ursa is one of several villains trapped in the Phantom Zone when Krypton exploded. Like other criminals, she eventually escaped her prison to cause havoc on Superman’s life. Interestingly, Ursa first appeared in the 1978 film, Superman: The Movie. It wasn’t until fairly recently (2007’s Action Comics #845), that she made her comic book debut.

One trait that translated from film to comics is Ursa’s utter lack of compassion or morality. She is a ruthless fighter who first belonged to the Kryptonian Guard. Ursa believed that Jor-El correctly foretold the fate of Krypton, and she sought to rebel against her superiors. Ursa, along with General Zod, her lover, were banished to the Phantom Zone as punishment for their crimes.



Like his father, Jor-El was an exceptional scientist who predicted the fall of his world. Because his society had become arrogant, they ignored Jor-El’s warnings. Determined that his child would survive Krypton’s destruction, Jor-El and his wife Lara agreed to send their son on a journey through the galaxy -- to the backwards world of Earth.

Jor-El’s real power has been to guide his son through crystal recordings in Superman’s base, the Fortress of Solitude. With these teachings, Kal-El learned about his heritage and language, and Clark has used that information to overcome adversaries. Recently it was revealed that Jor-El survived Krypton’s destruction and has been monitoring Earth as Mister Oz.



Like other Kryptonians, Van-Zee survived their planet’s destruction by residing in Kandor, a bottle city shrunken by the villainous Brainiac. He met Lois Lane and fell madly in love. When he realized he couldn’t win Lois’ heart, Van-Zee met and married another Earther, Sylvia DeWitt. Van-Zee was also inspired by Superman. He returned to Kandor, eventually taking on the role of the city’s protector, the legendary Nightwing.

Van-Zee is Kal-El’s cousin. With the help of a scientist, Van-Zee became enlarged, gaining similar abilities to Superman. On occasion, when Kal-El couldn’t perform his duties as Superman, Van-Zee temporarily assumed his cousin’s heroic identity.



Karen Starr is the alter ego of the Kara Zor-El from another dimension. Karen lived in a universe where she assumed the identity of Power-Girl, clearly distinguishing herself from her famous cousin, Kal-El. Her history hasn’t always been clear; DC Comics changed her origins, once making her the daughter of the Atlantean sorcerer, Arion.

Her most recent iteration is that Karen Starr is Kal-El’s cousin. Like Superman she is almost invulnerable; because she’s from another dimension, she’s not as strong as Superman, but she has the advantage of not being affected by kryptonite. Power-Girl is brash and less patient than Superman, and that is reflected in her fighting style.



General Zod is Superman’s deadliest Kryptonian foe, arguably even his strongest nemesis. Like his lover Ursa, General Zod was a prisoner of the Phantom Zone. His crime was attempting to usurp control of Krypton. He knew and despised Jor-El; his hatred of Kal-El’s father carried over to Superman.

When Zod escaped his prison, he and an army of other Kryptonians attempted to take control of Superman’s adopted home, Earth. Zod is a ruthless tactician and fighter because of his military training and experience. This gives him an advantage when it comes to tactics. Like many villains, however, Zod’s downfall is his arrogance. In addition, Zod hasn’t lived under Earth’s yellow sun for as long as Clark, therefore he’s not quite as strong.



Supergirl is Kara Zor-El, cousin to Superman. In most versions, Kara rocketed towards Earth to escape her home world’s destruction. Her ship arrived on Earth long after Clark had already been assimilated; being a teenager, Kara’s adaptation was more difficult. Supergirl has had several alter-egos; perhaps her most popular is Linda or Kara Danvers, taking the family name of her adoptive family.

Kara’s powers have fluctuated wildly since her incarnation. Some depictions claim she is even more powerful than her cousin. When she first appeared, Batman warned Clark that Kara might be unstable – and potentially dangerous. Despite her raw power, Kara Zor-El doesn’t have Superman’s experience in combat.



Superboy-Prime, otherwise known as Superman-Prime, is an alternate reality Clark Kent. He comes from a world without real-life superheroes. Superboy-Prime survived the obliteration of his reality, and his obsession was to become the greatest hero in history.

Superboy-Prime became twisted and insane. In his origin story, Superboy-Prime’s powers were triggered when a comet passed overhead. After meeting Conner Kent, Superboy-Prime was filled with envy and hatred, believing only he should carry the mantle of Superboy. Superboy-Prime soon became a bitter and ruthless villain, with all of Superman’s powers but none of his compassion, making him one of the strongest villains in the DC Universe.



The deadliest Kryptonian is Doomsday (aka, The Ultimate), a monster genetically-engineered from the remains of an ancient being. The most famous Superman story gave birth to Doomsday, a creature of power to rival even Superman. Doomsday ravaged several planets before coming to Earth.

On his first confrontation with Earth’s heroes, Doomsday easily defeated the Justice League, literally with one hand tied behind its back. Superman then confronted the creature, and they fought perhaps the greatest clash in Superman’s history. Doomsday and Kal-El battled to a standstill, until both hero and villain appeared to die. Although Doomsday is arguably stronger than Superman, he is little more than an alien tank, thinking with his fists more than his brain.



Superman’s true strength comes from the duality of his heritage. On the one hand Kal-El is a Kryptonian under a yellow sun, meaning that he has nearly unlimited powers and abilities. On the other hand, Clark has the advantage of being raised by parents who instilled him with courage, decency, honesty, and resolve.

Although some might see Superman’s fair play as a disadvantage, it’s Clark Kent’s humanity that serves him best. His compassion and convictions make him the most tenacious hero, and Superman is most relentless when he’s fighting for what’s right. Clark’s advantage is his ability to inspire. Anyone witnessing Superman in action strives to be better – that’s Clark’s greatest strength, and his enduring legacy.

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