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Literature Poetry

The significance of little steps.

That mountain before you is the same mountain before me; thus, I'll call you "mate" that we may both know we are not alone in the fight. Don't you give up, mate, 'cause seeing you fight keeps me going.

A little there, a little here, and eventually, every step will matter.

Charge! ⚔️

~Samuel Oladipo~

Sometimes we feel we are alone in our struggle and we feel like giving up but the truth is, many people are also going through hardtimes and they are struggling to come out of the situation. Giving up should never be considered an option but fighting to victory.

Things may be rough now and there is no sign of victory but come what may, put your trust in God even if you don't feel Him near, keep working towards victory and keep praying, it may seem all efforts are fruitless but eventually every step will matter. Be encouraged and keep fighting.

Model: @seunfunmi1212


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Samuel Oladipo


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