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The problems of our society

The Problems of our society

Our generation or should I say our world is a funny one. An issue will trend just for few weeks,it will be discussed with many tags but after some weeks, it will be discarded. Let us go back to the issue of Almajirism or whatever term it is called across Nigeria, many solutions were profered as to how to tackle the menace but whoever says those ideas are being implemented is lying.

Look around your cities, the number of Almajiris have reduced, don't rejoice, the reason for the reduction is that they have gone back to their villages to farm till the land, expect them in numbers after the harvesting season.

Many of these poor fellows didn't come to get the Islamic education in its entirety, some fled the hardship in the rural areas,some came to find means of subsistence, some came to enjoy the luxuries of city life,the list is endless.

If serious step isn't taken, the topic of Almajiri menace will continue to be issue of discussion for century.

For 5 days now, the road that passes around State high court, Sokoto has become my frequent route.Each time I pass through the quite, serene route, one thing get me close to tears; female beggars. These fellas are always there, in fact, my instincts tells me some of them sleep there.

Two things give me worrisome thoughts about these beggars.One,as it is in the Qur'an,the responsibility of a woman rests on the shoulders of her closest male relative;her father before marriage, her husband after marriage, her children when she grow old, if she is barren, her relatives, if she is a widow, her father, brothers or the society.But,we live in a society where we keep shouting "on your own",elderly ones, widows divorcees, spinsters are u catered for which led some to prostitution or begging on the fair side,subhanallah.Two,these beggars are mostly seeing with kids ranging from 5 to 13 years sometimes,these kids are females.The future of these kids is being gradually destroyed.

No doubt, some people will beg even if their responsibilities are shouldered, in fact, some of them will fight with whoever say they should stop begging, but I'm still of the opinion that if we, the men shoulder our responsibility well this menace will be minimal.

Let us try and take care of the widows, divorcees,elderly,disables,abd destitutes close to us, remember,they are people like us and whatever you use to assist them will be of benefit to you here on earth and in the hereafter.

May God never let us lack or beg, may he relief those in pain of their sufferings and give us the strength to help the needy, Amin

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