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Feminism in Nigeria- Who What How

What we need to understand before anything else is that feminists are not a group of females only, but people (both men and women) who advocate for the equality and equity and the rights for the female gender. Feminism also called the feminism movement started out as a political campaign for reforms on women's sufferage, sexual harrassment, repoduction rights, equal pay, domestic violence and so much more.

This article aims at the:

Who are feminists.

How feminism.

Why feminism.

Feminism in Nigeria

Who are Feminist?

They are the voices for the women and girls who are treated poorly in homes, societies and work place environment. They advocate the value a female have in the society maintaining that all people are born equal and no one should be subject to inhumane violence, stigmatization, riddicule or shame simply because they are feminine. Although largely originating in the West, feminism is manifested worldwide and is represented by various institutions committed to activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests. For the longest time women have been subject to be inferior to men, from birth they must obey certain rules and must never go against a male child. And as centuries pass by, we have come to understand through the countless voices: that all humans are equal in life and in rights and no one is superior.

How Feminism?

It is unclear as to when feminism started out, but as far back as 19th century France, women were still compelled to cover their heads in public and in some parts of Germany, women were still being sold by their husbands and it was the husbands right to do so. Closer to the 20th century, most parts of the world would not allow women to vote or to hold any position of power. In Nigeria it is still widely believed that a woman's role in life is in the kitchen and in the laundry room. Women had little or no access to education and were barred from most professions. Most women could not think for themselves as they were trained from birth to please their opposite sex in the kitchen, the other room and looking after the home. "House wife" is popularly used in Nigeria to describe trophy wives designed to be at home all day and beckon onto the desires of their husbands, till death do them part. 

The first feminist philosopher, Christine de Pisan, challenged prevailing attitudes toward women with a bold call for female education. A century later, her mantle was taken up by Laura Cereta, a 15th-century Venetian woman who published a volume. The single non-white woman’s voice heard —that of Sojourner Truth, a former slave—symbolized the distance between the ordinary and the elite. Her famous “Ain’t I a Woman” speech was delivered in 1851. Questions abounded. Could women be freed from discrimination without damaging the welfare and protective stands so many needed? What was the goal of the feminist movement—to create full equality, or to respond to the needs of women? And if the price of equality was the absence of protection, how many women really wanted equality?

Why feminism

Feminism aims to answer all these big questions so that maltreating and favoritism by gender and sexual assault can be things of the past. This is the main reason why there are countless feminist in the world as at today, coming together to form groups that fight for the rights and safety of women worldwide irrespective of color, age and race.

Feminism in Nigeria

The ever growing but traditional country, Nigeria has seen significant rise in people who fight for female children and women. Most of them use social media to bring understanding to situations that need to be abolished because they degrade the value a woman has in her space and in the society we live in. "Women don't grow and die in the kitchen, women can do multiple things, don't limit my life or insult me cause am a woman" are the voices being heard on social media in regards of female rights. Twitter users are quick to shame users who would go to length to degrade a woman. An example of a thread: 

But every opinion matters and people do feel strongly against some or all the motives for feminism. For example:

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