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Lesson To Learn From The Sudden Killing of 12 Security Officers By Bandits In Zamfara

Nigerians have been briefed by the Media updates on how the Nigerian security officers lost their lives to attacks carried out by the Notorious group known as Bandit in Zamfara state. According to what Daily Trust reported, Nigeria lost nothing less than 12 security officers in the ongoing battle between the troops and the Bandits in Zamfara state. 9 Naval officers, two policemen, and one soldier were the victims of the attack.

Looking at how the Notorious group, Bandits, summon the courage to subdue the Security officers and kill some of them, they're a big lesson to learn from here. According to reports gathered around, it was deduced that the Bandits were able to gain victory over the Nigeria security officers and kill some of them due to the clampdown on Telecommunication interaction.

The Military was unable to reach their fellow troops to gather information on how to when they need to act swiftly to prevent some attacks by the Bandits.

Even though the restriction/clampdown on Telecommunication networks in Zamfara has allowed the security officers to capture, kill, and destroy some of the Bandits in the state a few days ago, it is palpable enough to say that the clampdown is indirectly haunting the Security officers as well. Should it be the Security Operatives have the chance to communicate with other officers like them, the lost security officers may be with us today.

The lesson here has shown itself; that we cannot do without communicating. Never underestimate the power of communication. I hope after this the government of Zamfara state will look inwardly on how it can help the Security operatives who are combating the Bandits, on how they can gain access to communicate effectively with their colleagues to put an end to the era of Banditry in the state, and in Nigeria as a whole.

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