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Video: Armed Ambazonia separatists on motorbikes traveling to Buea, the Southwest region of Cameroon

A video emerged showing a heavily armed Ambazonia separatist group traveling on several motorbikes in an unknown location in Cameroon.

In the video, the narrator said the heavily armed Ambazonia separatists were heading to Buea, the Southwest region and the capital of former British Southern Cameroon.

The separatist group identified as Ambazonia had previously disclosed its connection with the IPOB group.

The group also revealed that they are currently on an official visit, alleging that they are of Igbo dialect, according to the narrator in the video.

The armed Ambazonia separatists on motorbikes were seen with rifles especially AK-47 and AKM rifles while the other separatist were seen with a pump-action shotgun held closely to their chest while riding the motorbikes to Buea, the southwest region.

Watch the video showing the arms Amazonian separatists on motorbikes from the link below –

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