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[Opinion] Operation Enduring Peace: The Death Of 32 Bandits And The Effect Of The Army Exercise

The federal government of Nigeria who has continued in the fight against insecurity in the nation has repeatedly stressed the importance of eradicating banditry, terrorism and other forms of criminality throughout the country for the restoration of peace.

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However, in order for such feat to be achieved, the government had embarked on an exercise strictly for the Nigerian Army, which was codenamed Operation Still Waters, Operation Golden Dawn, and Operation Enduring Peace, all which have been initiated in various states respectively.

So far, since the inception of this particular exercise in Nigeria, there have been inarguable some improvement and success reported from the Nigerian Army, and one of such is the attack on bandits which led to the death of 32 of them, including some of their leaders.

According to a verified publication, about 32 bandits in Zamfara State met their death when the Nigerian soldier overpowered them just when they were fleeing from a village known as Bangu Gari in the Rafi local government area of the State after they had wreaked havoc and disrupted the peace of the state.

Fortunately, for our Nigerian Army, the exercise which is aimed at targeting criminal elements in the country fully proved to have had a positive effect in this particular operation where those bandits were killed.

This is quite so because one of the main parts of the exercise is to physically deploy troops to the field to conduct real-time patrols in order to bring calmness and keep the citizens safe against those willing to cause havoc.

This will not only help in the increase of troops on the field, but will also ensure a quick response to any distress call made during any unfortunate event, as they will be stationed in almost all vital areas.

The 32 bandits could probably not have been eliminated and would have continued to cause terror in Zamfara and other nearby states if not for the positive effect of the exercise done by the army.

This particular result, among others, had shown that the Operation Enduring Peace has had, and will continue to have a positive effect in the fight against insecurity, hence restoring peace to the country.

Photo Credit: PM News Nigeria

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