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If you must get married to a Nigerian soldier, here is what you must know as a lady

God will continue to bless our gallant Nigerian soldiers, they have continued to defend Nigeria almost at every battle against terrorists and bandits that have been disturbing our different Nigerian communities.

Unfortunately, we have lost many of these soldiers to battle. They have been fallen by the bullets of the enemies, who are bloodthirsty and will not desist from killing innocent people, and fighting useless wars. Many of these soldiers fell as singles, Brothers, married, fathers, uncles, cousins, stepfather or even as grandfathers.

These men have families at home who are always joyful at the sight of them. The worst challenge for the Nigerian army as of the time of writing this article, is an Islamic terrorist group in the north-east of the country, popularly known as Boko Haram.

Boko Haram has been raging for many years now in Nigeria, they have killed virtually people from all categories of life. some Nigerian soldiers have decried the poor state the Nigerian army is currently in. This includes being underfunded and under equipped.

Nothing is more devastating than a soldier getting killed a few months before, or after his marriage. Many young ladies have been turned into overnight widows. As a lady, I would kindly advise you not to marry these categories of soldiers if you don't want to be an overnight window.

1. Soldiers deployed to Maiduguri: Maiduguri is the battleground for the Nigerian soldiers and the terrorist group, Boko Haram. A soldier is more likely to get killed in Maiduguri than any other State in Nigeria. In case your spouse has been deployed to Maiduguri, you really need to be prayerful, because his life depends on prayer and if you people have not gotten married you can only pray he returns safely.

2. Battle-loving soldiers: These types of soldiers love battle so much that if you give them broomstick as weapon, they will still match ahead to Sambisa and combat Boko Haram. These soldiers are not hard to know, they are always enthusiastic about going to battle, they discuss battle every time, even to small children. If this type of soldier is asking you out, you are left to decide your fate oh, my sister. This type of soldiers sometimes persuade their superiors to deploy them to battle, a very risky move.

If our soldiers are well equipped and paid well then, they are likely to win battles effortlessly. And we won't be recording as mamy deaths as we are seeing today in the Nigerian army. Every Nigerian soldier has the right to live.

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