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Could China defeat the U.S. Navy?

The simple answer is NO.

Here comes the explanation: First of all, Chinese navy only began to have carrier in the recent years. The Chinese carrier is way inferior to US navy. They are not nuke powered. And the Chinese carriers don’t have a Steam catapult, which largely limited Chinese carriers’ main battle force: planes.

Comparison of carriers from different countries.

Second, PLA hasn’t attended a battle for 30 years, while US military force has been constantly in all kinds of battle. Chinese Navy has ZERO experience in naval battle, not to mention carriers. Third, PLA’s general strategy has been, and never changed, defending China against invaders. The whole Chinese defense logic is: If you hit me, I will make you feel pain. Unlike US, whose strategy is: If you don’t listen to me, I will make you feel pain. So, in total, there is nothing to worry about China. In the end, US is the No.1 customer of world factory. Why would anyone fight with his biggest customer?

Looking from another angle: Have you seen what happened in Hong Kong? China got what it wanted and not a single missile or fighter or bomber or ship was involved. China will probably be able to get everything it wants - Taiwan, Belt and Road, Hong Kong etc. without a single shot being fired. They can beat the US Navy and achieve their objectives regardless of the ships and missiles and planes. How? Have you ever heard the phrase “Know your enemy and know yourself and you need not fear the outcome of 1,000 battles?” The Chinese can certainly beat the US navy because they have a very effective spy operation and understand America very well. America might have this ship or that ship but if the politicians don’t authorize a war what does it matter? America might have this plane or that plane but if the Chinese know its technical readout exactly they can devise a counter measure. America might have this missile or that missile but if they are never fired, who cares? China has won the spy war. They know what America will do and won’t do, politically. They know the technical readouts of most American weapons. And with all that knowledge, they know how to manipulate events to achieve their objectives without ever firing a shot. As you can see there is an extensive and long term effort to spy in America. Chinese leaders have been to America - many studied there! They know America. To most American politicians, China is a mystery. People say stuff like “If China attacks a US aircraft carrier, we’ll DESTROY them”. China knows this. That’s why they don’t kill US aircraft carriers even though they could. They wait til the carriers leave and then do what they were going to do anyways.

American military says “We demonstrate our power by sailing through the south china sea”. So what? You sail through then you leave. No lasting impact. It is like saying I conquered china because I stop over in Beijing airport. Come and go, China is still there When you win the spy war the real war is easy to win. In world war 2, the British cracked the enigma code and could target German ships because they knew where they were going. It was like shooting fish in a barrel. So it is with China and America. China knows where the US ships are going. They probably know what weapons they have and how far they can shoot. They just let them pass. America keeps looking for a fight, and China says “Nah, we’re good”. China knows American politics. They know that if they start a war the American people will get outraged, like pearl harbor. But they also know that if they just let the Americans sail through, nothing comes of it. So yes. The Chinese can beat the American navy, because they have won the spy war. They know exactly what the American navy is capable of - they probably have many of the technical readouts. They know how American public opinion works - they have studied it and lived there. They know how American politicians work - short sighted.

And because of all of that, they know how to achieve their goals and defeat the US navy without ever firing a shot.

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