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Three Items Boko Haram Use For The Production Of Bombs, And What FG Should Do About That

Boko Haram use bombs and other weapons for their operations. Some of their bombs are locally made.

We'll be looking at three items used by Boko Haram to produce bombs, and what the government should do.

1. Fertilisers

Some fertilisers can be used to produce bombs, and Boko Haram bomb experts are aware of this. One of the fertilisers being used by Boko Haram in Nigeria is UREA.

This particular fertiliser was banned in Nigeria some time ago because of how terrorists used it to make bombs. Anyone found with this particular fertiliser stands a chance of being arrested.

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Some other fertilisers contain ammonium nitrate, a compound that can trigger an explosion. Even terrorists outside Nigeria sometimes produce bombs with fertilisers that contain this substance.

2. Gun powder

This substance is classified as Low Explosive, but it can be triggered to cause a huge explosion when confined. Without being confined, it'll only burn.

Illustrative photo.

Just like how illegal weapons are gotten, Boko Haram terrorists also purchase gun power from black markets to produce Improvised Explosive Devices (IDE).

3. Hydrogen Peroxide

Research shows that an undiluted Hydrogen Peroxide can be used to make local bombs. Many terrorists around the world, including Boko Haram, use it to produce bombs.

Hydrogen Peroxide is found in hair creams and disinfectants, and there's presently no ban on its usage in Nigeria.

The government should monitor everyone who moves goods in and out of Nigeria, especially those who move Hydrogen Peroxide.

Security at state borders should be tightened to limit the movement of materials like UREA and Gun Powder around the country.

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