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Meet the tribe that Once Used human head and skull in Festival

The act of cutting off human heads, during the festival of warriors, is a common phenomenon among the Orogun and Abbi towns of Delta State in Nigeria.

This was in the old days when civilization wasn't common in all parts of the country. Although the festival still exists, the acts of cutting off heads is now reduced or no longer in practice, as modern civilization has built a conscience that killing is a crime punishable by law.

Back then, the human head provided by an individual to the chief priest gives him some sort of supremacy to join the number of warriors that participate in the festival. The main festival activity, includes eating of fortified concoctions prepared by herbalists as a jazz to disable the cutting effect of cutlass, and the penetrating effect of bullets. And engagement in heroic weapon combat (this particular aspect is still in practice till this day). But without being fortified with the concoction, it is dangerous to watch this display even as a spectator, as a cutlass or bullet might either mistakenly thrown or shot towards you.

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