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Know some mind blowing facts about Iran

Iran is officially know as Islamic Republic of Iran.This country occupy large expanse of land in Western Asia,and it's renowned as one of the most powerful and technologically advanced country among the Arab nations.Iran is also called Persia,thus officially known as Islamic Republic of Iran,written in Arabic as(جمهوری اسلامی ایران‎).

The country is mountainous and highly ethnically diverse in Southwestern Asia,,with an estimated population of about 81.8 millions people.But even with all of these historical facts,little is known about this country.However,in today's article,i will be revealing to you somemind blowing facts,little known about this country called Iran.

And just in time without much ado,here are the mind blowing facts about Islamic Republic of Iran below;

1.57% of Iranian population uses the internet.

2.Iran hosts the largest foreign refugee population.

3.Nearly half of Iran has an arid desert climate.It receives less 4 inches of the precipitation in each year.

4.More than 50% of all university students are women.

5.Iran is the oldest country on Earth.

6.Iran's capital and largest city,Tehran,has some of the worst air pollution the world.An estimated 27 people die a day from air pollution-related diseases.

7.The official name of Iran,is the Islamic Republic of Iran.

8.In Persian, the word Iran means"Land of the Aryans".

9.In Iran,couples that want a marriage license,are required to take an hour long lecture on contraception.

10.Iran's police chief had once announced in the past,that Google is a tool for spying.Additionally,the Iranian government wants to form a "national internet" that would be under state control.

That is much i can give now about this country called Iran(Islamic Republic of Iran).

Hope this is enlighten and mind blowing?

Thanks,and like i always advise,"Nurture your badge of identity in a manner that,you will be identify for good things around the world".

Thanks,for reading and please do comments,up vote,share and follow just as well.

Stay safe people.


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