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Top Africa Countries Best Air Fierce, With The Most Modern And Potent Aerial Warfare Capabilities.

An Air force is in the broadest sense, the national military branch that primarily conducts aerial warfare. More specifically, it is the branch of a nation 's armed services that is responsible for aerial warfare as distinct from an army or navy.

Typically, air forces are responsible for gaining control of the air , carrying out strategic and tactical bombing missions, and providing support to land and naval forces often in the form of aerial reconnaissance and close air support .

Majority of countries on the African continent do not field fighter units with more than a couple of ageing jets, if any at all, several African states do field cutting edge forces with high end weaponry and highly professional training.

Here, are the Five African country with the most modern and potent aerial warfare capabilities.

1. Algeria

Algeria top the chart of the Africa's Best Air Fierce, with diverse of Aircraft. They also fielding one of the largest fleets in Africa. The backbone of the fleet is comprised of approximately 45 Su-30MKA heavyweight fighters, 

Algeria also deploys Africa’s largest fleet of dedicated strike fighters with 36 Su-24M jets in service. 

Algeria has consistently retired older generations of aircraft much faster than any other African fleet, making it one of the few Air Forces alongside Sudan, Uganda and South Africa, and the only large Air Force on the continent, to field a fleet entirely comprised of fourth generation combat aircraft.

2. Egypt

Egypt has invested heavily in modernising its armed forces since the coming to power of a new military government in 2013, they are by far the largest air force in Africa. 

The Egyptian Air Force currently fields an estimated 18 fighter squadrons, also a single unit of recently ordered MiG-29M jets. Aside from the MiG-29M, the most capable fighters Egypt deploys are 17 Mirage 2000 and 24 Rafale jets.

Egypt does deploy a formidable air defence network built around the S-300V4 system and one of the world’s foremost attack helicopter fleets. 

Also, they are the only country in Africa to deploy modern airborne early warning aircraft, relying on the E-2 Hawkeye for this purpose. 

3. Angola

Also, on the chart are the Angola. They also have top Aircraft Force which include a single MiG-23 squadron of approximately 28 fighters.

Also, alongside one MiG-21BiS and one Su-22 squadron, providing three units of modernised third generation aircraft.

The elite of the Angolan Air Force is provided by 12 Su-30 fighters which have recently been upgraded in Belarus to a ‘4+ generation’ standard.

They have deployed a lot of Aircraft Force, providing it with more firepower than any other fleet in southern Africa.

4. Ethiopia

The Ethiopian Air Force was built up rapidly at a time of war, in this case with Eritrea in the 1990s.

Ethiopia previously relied on Soviet MiG-23 jets to form the bulk of its fleet, also a single squadron of around eight fighters is currently in service. 

Ethiopian fleet is comprised of Su-27 heavyweight air superiority fighters, the fighters were by far the most capable in Africa.

Ethiopian Air Force the only one to operate the Su-27 in air to air combat. 

5. Morocco.

Morocco is the only African state provided access to modern American air launched weaponry, and the backbone of its fighter fleet its formed by around 23 F-16C Fighting Falcon lightweight fighters equipped with AIM-120C7 air to air missiles. 

Moroccan F-16s far more capable than their counterparts in Egyptian service in times of difference in weaponry and subsystems.

The F-16s can also notably deploy AGM-88B HARM standoff air to ground missiles which are quite potent against air defence and radar sites. 

Ground based air defence remains a notable weakness of Moroccan forces.

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