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The A-29 Super Tucano Jets Should Also Be Deployed Against Bandits Like The Other Fighter Aircrafts

That insecurity has become a daily affair in Nigeria is mostly due to the handiworks of the Boko Haram/ISWAP terrorists and bandits. No thanks to them for this! However, our main focus in this piece shall be on the latter - bandits.

Bandits are fearsome criminals who have no human feelings with their stone-hard conscience, if they have any. Together with their stubbornness, they have vast assortments of sophisticated weapons at their disposals as they have different network of connections through which they smuggle them both into and within the country. It was even with one of such deadly weapons of mass destructions that a group of them was able to shoot down one of the NigerIan Air Force (NAF) fighter jets a handful of months ago in one of their dangerous hideouts in the forest in Zamfara State. With the unimaginable extent to which they do not value lives, including their own, they do not only gladly take others' own, they also do not have value for their own. That is why one of their most dangerous and wanted leaders, Turji Kachalla, once boasted that they were not afraid to die. And such unbecoming statement should have better explained one of the reasons why they can take any risk regardless of how difficult it is.

In order to decisively deal with bandits, the NigerIan Military forces have to work hand-in-hand with one another. Therefore, both the aerial and land strikes must be unleashed on them in their hideouts and strongholds in the forest. Although, the NAF already has a number of other fighter aircrafts with which it has been using to neutralize many of the criminals at its disposal, there is allegedly the need to make the onslaughts more intensified. And as the twelve Super Tucano fighter jets that were purchased from America have all been delivered one would have expected some of them to be put to use against them. But on the contrary, the North American country has warned that they should not be used against a group of criminals that is not proscribed. And unfortunately bandits are among such ones. But this restriction is mind bugging.

Take for example, the NAF has already been using both fighter jets and helicopters in the ongoing anti-banditry war. And the country has not quaked as a result, and neither will she collapse. On such grounds, besides the fact that the Super Tucano fighter jets are allegedly more effective than the other war aircrafts, what reason(s) can be so sensitive that they must not be used to teach bandits who are, perhaps, presently more dangerous than the Boko Haram/ISWAP terrorists some lessons? Otherwise, since the other fighter aircrafts are being employed against the diehard criminal elements, the newly acquired Super Tucano fighter jets should also be allowed to be in action.

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