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3 Critical Reasons Bokoharam Insurgency Will Soon Come To End In Nigeria

Nigeria military is pouncing on terrorists in Nigeria that they have nowhere to hide other than surrendering. Years from now, it will be an international case study on how to defeat terrorist groups via resilience adaptation. In the same way, Nigeria became a case study on how extensive contact tracing defeated the Ebola virus. Below are the three reasons insurgency in Nigeria will soon be a thing of the past.

1. Nigerian Military now has different equipment to fight insurgency.

If you are conversant with military technology, tactics, and facilities, you will know that the Nigerian military has changed. It has benefited from years of investment and reform. They are better equipped, better trained with professional personnel increasingly prevalent and a burgeoning military-industrial complex second only to South Africa in Sub Saharan Africa.

File Photo: Super Tucanos procured by Nigeria from The US

Nigeria has spent billions and lost thousands to get to the junction we are in now. Why throw it all away and give certain powers the excuse they have been waiting for to sabotage our war efforts. Nigeria has a 250,000 strong military.

2. Insurgents are surrendering in thousands.

The major turn of events in the fight against insurgency in Nigeria is the thousands of terrorists that are surrendering their weapons and ammunition to the Nigerian military out of their own volition. This is rare around the world. Many Nigerians are calling for the killing of the surrendered Boko Haram insurgents, they don't know that it is not possible and will violate international law. It is prohibited under the Geneva Convention the killing or wounding of a combatant who, having laid down his arms or having no longer means of defense, has surrendered at their discretion.

3. Nigeria is rehabilitating surrendered terrorists.

Nigeria could get away with killing the surrendered terrorists if the situation were isolated cases. But for thousands of insurgents who have been much publicized. It will be an incredibly stupid and callous act. Now do insurgents group show mercy to soldiers or civilian captives? The answer is no? These are the barbarians that record beheadings of servicemen and civilians and disseminate them to the public to sow fear. They show no mercy and quite frankly do not deserve to live. But Nigeria is a nation-state and a member of the international community and is a signatory to the Geneva convention. Therefore all the surrendered terrorists are being rehabilitated.

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