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I Think There's Boko Haram In The Nigerian Army, How Does Boko Haram Know All Their Moves? - Gudaji

Things have gone sour in this country, that some politicians have come out to say their minds about what is going on in our country. Everything is just too much in this country, Nigeria is now too hard to live in. No one sleeps with his two eyes closed anymore. Killings have become the order of the day, we now hear how people are killed in daily basis.

One of the members of the national assembly known as Gudaji Kazaure has come out to say that the things going on in this country is too much. How does Boko haram know all the moves of the Nigerian air force and the Nigerian army? He said that whenever the army or air force wants to do anything, Boko haram will know about it.

He said that Boko haram is always ahead of the Nigerian army and the Nigerian air force. Why is it like that? He said that may be Boko haram has an agent in the Nigerian air force and the Nigerian army. Someone in the force is telling them about their moves, that's why they are always ahead of the Nigerian force.

The Boko haram always knows the where the Nigerian army is, and how to attack them, who's telling them about it? Who's giving them all the information? Watch video here. Something should be done about this, this man's words might be very true. What do you think?

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