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Nigerian Army Has Been Able To Decimate Insurgent Commanders By Giving Them False Sense Of Security

ISWAP/Bokoharam are criminals riding on the wave of terrorism and the prestige (Will) that comes with it. It is more important than ideology since "will" represents the result. How long can they endure and fight without food and supplies, constant nighttime aerial and artillery bombardment at night? The answer came in the form of 15,000 Boko Haram insurgents calling it quits, drawing the wrath of ISWAP.

To put things into perspective that the insurgent's regime is coming to an end. According to a report by Daily Nigerian, a NAF reconnaissance aircraft spotted ISWAP fighters on 11 gunboats converging for a meeting at Tunbun island, near Lake Chad on Thursday. Three Nigerian strike aircraft were scrambled for an interdiction strike. Vectored by the ISR plane and scoring direct hits in two passes.

Since the frontline practically no longer exists, it was necessary for the Nigerian military to better prepare the theoretical tenets for the preparation and conduct of tactical operations in coordination with other force structures in synergy under a single centralized command. This ability to foresee and the forecast is a vital tool no less important than an understanding of "will" that must be taught, acquired, and maintained by a force entering an insurgency operation.

It is the side that knows how to utilize diverse tactics that will usually do well. In the case of insurgents, they have been able to use the diverse tactics of planning and pre-emption, and the Nigerian army has been able to kill insurgent commanders by giving insurgents a false sense of security and trailing them to their hideouts using advanced technology before hitting them right as they converge, wiping out commanders and other high profile targets with a single blow.

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