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Opinion: Defending The Oppressor And Suppressing The Oppressed, A Typical Nigeria Today Scenario

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This article addresses the state of insecurity in Nigeria, with the methods by which the leaders are tackling the menace.

It's now a norm in Nigeria to leave in the heart of insecurity despite the fatal outcome. Nigerians have been faced with sleepless nights, predicting when the next terror strike will occur.

The rise in illicit arms operation by terrorist groups like the bandits, fulani herdsmen, Boko haram, ISWAP, and so on has been the newest gold-mine industrial for our nation, Nigeria.

We have seen the likes of human rights activists and protesters being molested by those who are supposed to protect their interests for a better nation.

Rather, the government has been playing easy balls with the oppressors and terrorists like it were just business as usual.

We have witnessed state governors from terror attack-prone areas dining with the devils that are supposed to be crucified - yet go after men who do the right thing to seek justice and protection of lives and properties.

The chief advocate for the terrorist groups' Sheikh Gumi has been contacting the terrorists and claims that the government is ably represented whenever such meetings hold, claims that anyone who calls for his arrest must be insane.

On the other hand, those who fight for freedom and the security of the lives and properties in their territory, have been tagged terrorists - and are hunted down by the same government that pampers the ideal terrorists.

The likes of IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, Sunday Igboho, Omoleye Sowore, and Sheikh El-Zakzaky have all been indicted for treason and felony charges just because they want justice and freedom from a tyrannical neo-colonial dispensation.

Youths during the #EndSars protest were murdered and unaccounted for, while many were arrested, and some had their bank accounts frozen by the government.

Dictatorship and tyranny have been perceived as the norm of the day. Political partiality in representation and other sociopolitical vices used against the oppressed.

This is a fact that has lingered for so long with no hope of being resolved and justice upheld.

For how long will the government continue in such a deceptive, and biased act over the oppressed and innocent people of Nigeria?

Why is catering for insurgency paramount to the government - at the expense of the nation's peace, security, unity, and economic stability?

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