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Why The American B-2 Spirit Jet Is One Of The Most Sophisticated Jets Ever Made.

When talking about some of the most advanced nations in terms of technology, The United State will surely be on the podium of recognition. With a population of over a 300million as of 2020, the Americans are no doubt the giant of the world.

It's a known fact handed down since the distant time that the Americans have some of the jets in the world, and in this article, I will be showing you the highly sophisticated B-2 Spirit jet used by their Air Force.

They are a lot of sophisticated jets currently in service in the United Air Force, but the B-2 Spirit also known as the Stealth Bomber is one of the most sophisticated of them all.

The B-2 Spirit is an American bomber jet developed in 1997. Why is the B-12 spirit jet is on of the most sophisticated jet ever made?.

1. Super Sonic Speed: The word supersonic means, moving at or more than a speed of sound, And you can imagine how fast a jet must be to move more than a sound. The B-2 Spirit is one of the faster jets ever made by humans with a top speed of over 1000km/h.

2. Air-Surface attack( Attitude mission). The B-2 can carry an Air-Surface attack ad it's regarded as the best in that field.

3. It can penetrate anti-aircraft defense systems.

Imagine if this kinds of sophisticated jets could be made over 20years ago, how would jets in the future be?

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