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Demilitarisation Of The South May Affect Stability Of Region

There are many people including influential personalities calling for the removal of security forces from the southeastern region of the country. The calls withdrawal of troops has escalated to the extent that people constantly advocate for such especially across social media platforms. While this may be a mere opinion of the people, there is a need to realise that removing the Special Tactical Command at once may affect the stability of the entire region.

The federal government deployed the Special Tactical Command to the southeast which comprises of professional and experienced security operatives from various security departments across the country to counter the menace of unknown gunmen and violent agitations causing destruction and hardship to the people. The presence of security operatives creates a sense of security thereby strengthening peace and stability.

On multiple occasions, the security forces have arrested notorious criminals wreaking havoc in the region such as Onye Army, Ikonso, Dragon etc. This can be regarded as a huge success for the people. Removing the Special Tactical Command may send a wrong signal to other criminal elements with intention of attacking the southeastern part of the country.

If security forces are to be withdrawn from the southeast, it must be done in phases and gradually so as to create a feeling of stability for the people. The special tactical command should not be abruptly removed from the southeast as suggested by other people. For instance, when the United States government decided to pull troops out of Afghanistan, they were withdrawn in batches not all at the same time. This tactic proves to be effective and security-wise.

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Lastly, the security of lives and people is the foremost responsibility of the government. The decision to deploy or withdraw security operatives from a particular region is solely made by the government in the best interest of the people. There is a need to support the security forces in order to discharge their duties efficiently. Report suspicious persons or activities happening around your surroundings so that proactive measures can be taken.

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