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Nigerians Should Not Allow Religious Extremism To Add To The Problems Of Terrorism And Banditry

Apart from the 1967 to 1970 Civil war, there had never been protracted security issues in NigerIa. There had only be short-span unrests or riots from time-to-time. And although, lives may have been lost, as well as property not destroyed in the process, it was not anything compared to what has been the case in the past one decade of Terrorism and Banditry.

Since the beginning of Terrorism in the Country, things have not remained as they used to be. Although, the Terrorists claim to be doing the work of Allah (God), their activities are no where close to the requirements of his commandments. This is because they kill, injure and abduct anyone even without being provoked. And the bandits who are their fellows in crimes are of no significant difference. Also, the fact that they have even allegedly been receiving trainings from the Terrorists in recent times makes their acts of inhumanity to be more similar.

Although, the two groups of criminals above have been unleashing all types of dastardly acts on the innocent people of NigerIa, their activities have not been religious, albeit the Boko Haram insurgents, now Boko Haram/ISWAP Terrorists, do wear the garment of religious extremism. Thus, they victimize any body regardless of his religion. Despite this, there has not been relative peace, especially in the Northern part of the Country where the two groups are located. But the recent religious unrests in Plateau and Kano States are enough to bother anyone.

Although, there had been pockets of clashes between the Islamic Fulanis and the Christian farmers in Plateau State, the recent killings of some Ondo State-bound Muslim Fulani Travellers in Jos have led to more fatal uprisings that have claimed hundreds of lives, especially those of Christians. This is because the slaying of the Travellers was suspected to have been orchestrated by a Christian group known as the Irigwe Youths. Also, as a result of the civil unrest, the Economy of the State was almost shutdown as many of the other states' Governors had to evacuate their Indigens out of there.

Also, in Massu village in Samalia LGA of Kano State, a Pastor who was known as Reverend Yohanna Shuaibu was recently hacked to death by a group of some angry Muslims. The circumstances that led to the incident allegedly began when a young man who just stopped practising the Isamic faith, and also has not adopted any other religion, had a fight with his sister-in-law whom he smashed to death with a pestle. And in a violent response, the Muslims in the Community attacked the Minister of God, and butchered him to his untimely demise, while his wife and children only managed to escape.

In view of the above two incidents, every Christian and Islamic bigot should know that none of the religions preaches violence and an vengeance And before they go berserk, they should remember that the Country is already tensed up with the twin security challenges of Terrorism and Banditry. So, they should not add to the problems by making them three. Rather, they just need to act in accordance to the peaceful teachings of their religions.

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