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A Warning Letter To B'Haram From A Christian

Hello Boko Haram, it is getting out of hand your menaces on Nigeria as a country. How you abduct and kill our innocent citizens, especially the Christians among us has caused us great pain and agony. We have endured enough, we can't endure anymore, thus the reason for this warning letter.

It has gotten to most Christians, including me that you as led by Abubakar Shekau abducted a pastor, in the name of Pastor Bulu Yikura. You also threatened to kill him soon after the one week ultimatum elapses. Let me tell you, you are playing with fire!

You are taking the advantage of Christians being peaceful to oppress them. Let me tell you, you don't know the God of Christians.

On a normal, no religion can justify your wicked act. Even the Islam who's cover you take for your operations is against your actions. Now I act you, how can you truly justify your actions when the time comes? Let me reiterate again, Boko Haram, you are playing fire.

If you can, get some Bible and read what the God of Christians did in the past, both old testament and new testament. God of Christians has been a God of war. You can be destroyed within a twinkling of an eye. You can be consumed within a second with fire from above.

Now let me warn you specifically. If you dare kill pastor Bulu Yikura, a great messenger of the God of Christians, I promise you, I will come for you spiritually.

I will surely celebrate black mass for you. In case you don't know, black mass is a mass celebrated for the death of an enemy. On that day, I will appear on black and black and call on the God of Christians who has never failed me, nor ignored my prayers. I promise, I will speak to God in prayer and my prayers for you shall be evil. I shall come for you spiritually.

Listen, a word is enough for the wise. If you like, dare me and feel the wrath of the God of Christians. If I were you, I will release him immediately. This may be the last warning you will receive from me before I pay you the proposed dangerous visit. Suit yourself!

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