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The Clever Techniques and Tactics Generally Used By Snipers.

1) Shot Timing

This is a period of time when a sniper has to completely remain hidden. In addition to a suppressor, he can perfectly synchronise his shot taking to coincide with other sounds. For example, artillery shells, thunder, or other loud sounds. This would mask the supersonic crack sound that would have been heard as shots break the sound barrier.

2) Shot masking

This is largely dependent on the environment. A sniper firing from a sandy environment may gather up dust plumes which could give hints regarding his position. By making use of water or pee to wet the ground, such dust plumes could be prevented.

They also try as much as possible to avoid firing from the window in an urban environment. Instead,this is what they do.

You can see how the sniper has positioned himself away from the window, so that both the weapon and himself are masked by the natural gloom of the building.

3) Steadying the weapon

The more stable a platform you are shooting from is,the better the shot taken. That's why the preferred position for a sniper is prone, supported. However, sometimes this may not be possible so snipers get very imaginative by making use of sandbags, field packs, webbing, helmets, rocks, beds, mattresses, rolled up t-shirts, twigs, etc., and even interesting things like camera tripods. Some sniper instructors have custom modified camera tripods they normally use on missions.

4) Making a Hide and camo skills

The art of being hidden is what most Snipers have craftly mastered because it is part and parcel of being a good sniper. Making a good hide is an art, as in making ghillie suits:

There are a many ways to make good camouflage suits depending on the sniper's personal preference and prevailing environment. The same thing is applied to sniper hides. The more comfortable and well hidden you are,the longer you can stay there.

5) Ranging

A sniper have the understanding that bullet don't fly straight when firing from a long distance. Spin drifts and gravity takes a toll on it which then causes it to slow down.

Lastly,shots are mostly taken on a respiratory pause. A situation whereby the sniper stops breathing before taking the shot.

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