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See the heart touching message a soldier wrote about colleague who join army last year but now dead

I don't like to hear the death of our soldiers because its always heart touching, this people are real legend they are a real hero because its not easy to face death, sometime I use to wonder how they usually feel when they are about to go for a war knowing that possibly someone have to die in the war front but not knowing the exact person.

This people are bold and brave and when ever I hear that we lose any of them it hit me bad, there is another heart touching message a soldier posted on his handle on Twitter about his colleague who join the army last year but die in the war front recently, this story is to touching.

Our soldiers need our prayer and support they are really trying to safe us and our country from the terrorists but what happen after they are dead?

The soldiers using his handle @sirAwaisu writes, let see what he wrote and people's comments below.

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