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They need our prayers, Here are the pictures of the Nigeria soldiers in Sambisa forest

If you are back home in your house, eating comfortably and watching news on your television, you must be very lucky. You sleep through the night without even waking up until morning, you get up, get yourself showered and dressed up to leave for work, all peaceful at least.

Some people have taken upon themselves to pay the price for the peacefulness everyone is saying today. However, the case is different in Maiduguri, where boko Haram is continually ransacking the communities and robbing them of their peace, their homes, and comfort.

The Nigerian soldiers are our saving grace in Maiduguri. These Soldiers have left the comfort of their homes to fight battles. If they do not fight these battles, who will, you and I, or the people in politics who only know how to use pen and paper to get what they want?

These soldiers have their own children, wives, mothers and fathers, but they left all this behind to fight battles far away from their homes knowing fully well that their return depends on God.

Some people might argue that nobody forced them to choose battle over normal lives, but we must appreciate them for choosing to take the bullets for us, the ones who have decided to choose normal lives.

Before 2009, Nigeria never expected herself to be having a challenge as tough as Boko Haram. Boko Haram came as a growing baby devil, and Nigeria thought she had it under control until it became what we are seeing today.

The Nigerian soldiers have had one of the worst casualties as much as the citizens of Nigeria living in Maiduguri, and other affected the neighbouring States.

At the mention of Sambisa forest, terror, fear and death strike, yet our Nigerian soldiers keep marching into that Forest to put an end to the terror. Forget brutality, forget corruption, forget your anger and put these men in prayer.

No part of the country is safe, but the East and West have remained peaceful because our Nigerian soldiers have kept the terror of Boko Haram cultured and restrained in the North. Or do you think if Nigeria has no gallant soldiers Boko Haram would not have gotten to the East or West?

Nigeria would have been the next Iraq or Afghanistan, all thanks to the effort of our soldiers. And if you think they do not deserve your prayers, just check the pictures of our Nigerian soldiers in sambisa Forest below and see if you would change your mind.

Say a prayer for them today, they are seeing worse things everyday. If you want to know what these people are facing everyday, just go to your browser and input these keywords "pictures of injured Nigerian soldiers", then you will know exactly what these men are going through.

Thank you for reading.

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