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Army Officer Who Humiliated A Corp Member Should Have Reported Her To NYSC Disciplinary Committee

A viral video shared by Sahara Reporters captured the moment a female Army officer allegedly humiliated a female Corp member at the 13th Brigade Headquarters in Calabar, Cross River State. The officer identified as Lieutenant Chika Viola Anene was seen pouring an unknown white substance on the kneeling Corp member, Ezeiruaku Ifeyinwa Fidelia after which she hit her with a bowl. The report further revealed that the saga ensued after the duo had an argument.

From the reaction of the Officer, the Corp member might have been rude to her because no sane person will start assaulting another fellow without provocation. However, no matter how arrogant the Corp member was, it is still wrong for the Officer to treat her the way she did.

Instead of humiliating her, she should have handled the matter in a civilized manner by doing this;

Like we all know, the National Youth Service Corps has laws that all Corp members are supposed to abide by. One of such rule is against rudeness to constituted authorities. If the Officer felt vexed by the Corp member's manners of approach, she should have reported her to the Corp Disciplinary Committee, where the right punishment will be meted on her if found guilty.

Military officers are admonished to stop abusing the power bestowed on them, as no one is above the law.

Photo Credit: Sahara Reporters and Google

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